Movie Review: Despicable Me 3


What I think about it?

Despicable Me 3 is a great sequel, honestly – it is true to the fans and is entertaining with absolute Minion humor.

  • Overall

It felt a bit like a rebuilding episode, introducing new characters and clearly setting us up for the inevitable next sequel. The movie’s superior craftsmanship can’t overcome its aura of joylessness.

Movie is uncensored in UAE & Lebanon, 3 minutes removed in Kuwait due to scenes where Minions play with pigs and scenes of Gru’s butt (it is a cartoon for god’s sake) – Unknown details for Jordan, Oman & Qatar.

Oh and on the controversy, the posters with the tattooed minions and anything with a one-eyed character are avoided in the region, because it was told by some religious clerks in Saudi Arabia that one-eyed characters demonstrate an image of the Archangel that Allah sends on doomsday…

Ignore this because it doesn’t make sense, and take your kids and go watch the film. Large caramel popcorn with M&M’s from VOX Cinemas and you’re set.

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