Snapchat’s Snap Map is the real deal


I actually like the Snapchat, Inc. new location-sharing feature “Snap Map”. This feature (for those who don’t know it yet) allows you to see where your friends are out and about and also share snaps with non-friends for 24-hours, with a heat map showing people where the most snapping is taking place around the world using a like GPS navigation system (just like Uber, Google maps…etc)

What I like about it is that it enabled the LGBTQ community around the world to view pride parades in different cities. And also Muslims were able to view prayers and all from Mecca during Eid.

Just a smart feature, when you thought all platforms copied each other and have stories now (Microsoft Excel, I have my eyes on you) – Snapchat managed to unleash a new beautiful feature.

Well done.

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