Movie Review: All Eyez On Me ★★½✩✩

All Eyez on me was a phenomenal album. Every tune was lyrically beautiful. The movie however, is a mixed bag. Personally, I enjoyed the film, but, it does come with some faults which are equal to its merits.

Firstly, I didn’t learn anything new about Tupac Shakur. To me it was a film that was a live action version of Tupac’s Wikipedia page.
Another problem was that it felt like the film rushes through certain important events of this legends life. I would’ve liked to see more of his growing up with his on and off relationship with his mother and his time in prison.

What I can say about these movies, anything to do with Death Row Records, they always cast the best people to play hardcore, music producer Suge Knight. In this movie Suge is portrayed by Dominic L. Santana who for me was one of the best parts of the movie. Demetrius Shipp Jr. portrays the iconic Tupac and he is a near mirror image plus he can act. He was absolutely wonderful and I hope to see more of him in many movies in the future. However, the true gem of this movie is Hill Harper who is the Interviewer in the first half of the movie, he talks with Tupac while he is incarcerated and he just oozes with charisma and charm.

Oh, the movie also stars Jamal Woolard who portrays legendary rapper The Notorious BIG, he also portrayed him in BIGGIE’S own biopic Notorious. Like that movie, he is still forgettable and just a mere background photo actor aka forgettable.

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