Movie Review: Wonder Woman ★★★✩✩

Going into this movie I had really low expectations. The trailers looked campy and cheap. However, I was pleasantly surprised how good this movie was.

Honestly, the first film with Gal Gadot not acting like a wax model. With an outstanding supporting cast from David Thewlis, Chris Pine, Ewen Bremner, Saïd Taghmaoui, Danny Huston and Elena Anaya; this was that rare DC Movie that did keep me at times on the edge of my seat.

Now, there are faults to this movie; I hated the parts where we were stuck on the Island of Themyscira, which literally put me to sleep, every scene on that Island was like watching a Made for TV MOVIE. Oh, the little girl that plays a younger version of WonderWoman, is possibly the worst child actress I have ever watched on screen. Razzi Awards should be calling her up soon.

Thankfully, we are taken away from that boredom and introduced to the second part of the film which makes up for that awful introduction.

Movie is playing at Novo Cinemas and Vox Cinemas in the UAE as of June 1st.

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