Wonder Woman will play in cinemas in Ramadan

The superhero movie that everybody is waiting for is releasing in the region this Ramadan, earlier Warner Bros. in the Middle East decided to push it from June 2nd to June 22nd, but that would actually harm the movie. Plus, they’re over this mentality that nobody watches movies in Ramadan. Halls are usually packed and piracy in this world we live in now would have ruined sales for such a big film. Plus, Did season will have many movies battling on viewership and attendance.

Wonder Woman will be playing a day ahead of the US release here, on June 1st, and you can book even the early screening on Wednesday May 31st at VOX Cinemas. Let’s hope the movie will not get butchered by the committee or the distributer (who tries so hard not to, but has to comply with rules in this part of the world).

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