Back to iOS after 45 days of Android


I’ve been using Nextbit by Robin for that period. Yes, I was iPhone-less for 45 days. Now, don’t get me wrong that Android phone is unique and amazing.

It has many pros: Unique design that stands out with squared edges, light-skinned Android OS, dual-flash, great camera, 100gb cloud storage, fingerprint scanner, dual front-facing speakers, charges fast with a USB Type-C.

But it has cons too: short battery life that makes you live with a powerbank, it was made entirely of plastic, bad quality cable and the box has nothing but that (no electricity plug or earphones), limited control over cloud storage, device sometimes overheats, horrible RAM performance with games.

But to be fair, it was definitely worth the money at 550 AED from Souq, it is a great device.

Nextbit is a new player in the smartphone segment. Unlike the legacy players which have been operating in this space for years and with huge teams, Nextbit gets by with just under 50 employees and their first smartphone, the Robin, actually started out as a Kickstarter project in September 2015. With founding members who’ve worked in Google’s Android department and at HTC, the Nextbit team is certainly run by veterans in their fields. The company has been recently bought by Razer Inc. in January 2017. Sales of the phone were halted almost immediately after the announcement, however… It just popped in the region right after that.

Again, the performance for what you paid is superb. But…

I couldn’t stay with Android. I missed my iPhone. I was an early adopter and I owned every iPhone model ever released in the past 10 years. Luckily, I won an iPhone 7 PRODUCT(RED) edition. I’m so happy because every purchase contributes to the Global Fund to support HIV/AIDS programs and help deliver an AIDS-free generation, so whoever chose this color to give out, you’re a gem.

Now, let me restore my apps and go back to normal life.

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