Movie Review: The Fate of the Furious #Fast8 ★★★★✩

I think, as a non-action movie fan I suck big time. I’ve been guilty of watching the entire series. From the first movie, about 15 years ago until this last release. I think #Fast8 was a remarkable transformation point.I thought it was going to die badly after the tragic death of original star Paul Walker. Yet somehow, it’s became a legitimate cultural phenomenon, full of mind-bendingly excessive stunts, style, and plot twists, while still remaining strikingly earnest.

I was on the tip of my toes the entire time. Great art direction, sound effects, it was such a thrill ride. I had the chance of attending the premiere where Tyrese himself showed up in Dubai dressed up in a Kandoora and greeted people. Such a nice addition, thanks to Du & VOX cinemas for the invites. I won’t spoil the film for you guys, but it is a 4/5. worth every star.

Here are my Tyrese periscopes:

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