The Man Sitting Next To You #SaveYourMovies @Dutweets


“The Man Sitting Next to You” campaign is a visually stunning depiction of theatregoers’ worst habits

Think about all the ways your movie-going experience can be ruined. Make a list. Got it all down? Good, now watch the video above because we at Leo Burnett Dubai have captured just about all of them in our latest short film for Du.

The ad focuses on some of the most repulsive behaviors that can hijack the cinema experience, and shows them to you in bold close-up shots. But the point of the spot isn’t to gross you out. The effort highlight’s Du’s long-running “du Tuesday” campaign, which allows Du customers to get two-for-the-price-of-one tickets to the movies. By highlighting the worse of the in-cinema experience, the new spot shows how important it is to avoid these distractions by bringing a friend along.

Acclaimed director-duo Ali Ali/Maged Nassar depict the dark side of movie goers’ experiences being ruined when they are seated next to a discourteous person.

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