What “grinds my gears” at UAE cinemas!


You all know by now how much I love the film industry! I’m a movie addict. While posting a while back, I found this guy – who literally shares my same exact thoughts. Experience at the cinemas in the UAE can be annoying, no matter how hard the cinemas try to make it easier by introducing new techniques and all. Cinema etiquette is still not “there” yet.

I found this campaign by this “inventor” Omar Zain to be inspiring, the guy went overboard by creating 2 awesome solutions. First one is something he called: The Shhhhelmet; which is basically a modified isolating bike helmet that has a high-quality mic connected to it. Watch the video here, if you like it. Support it on Indiegogo:

He didn’t stop there, he also created another genius one: The No Slurp Cup (also on Indiegogo)

I joined Omar in his #SaveYourMovies to save my movies too! I shared my posts on Instagram, here’s one of them:

Here’s a list of things I hate: Those who Snap the entire film on Snapchat, Those we chat all the time thinking they’re just whispering, Those who litter and drop pop-corn all over the cinema, Those who take their flip-flops off and touch seats with their feet, Those who put their feet in the middle of your back…

Let’s spread this out. #SaveYourMovies! Share your thoughts wth me.

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