The new Facebook Camera: yay or nay or bleh?


Facebook released their new camera 2 days ago, they believe it’ll give everyone more ways to express themselves and share what they’re up to. So from now on, you can just let your camera do the talking.

Smart? No?

The real question is: Did Facebook just put the final nail in the coffin for Snapchat?

Facebook just rolled out camera features for photos and videos—lenses and Stories—today that should make Snapchat’s product team more than a little uneasy especially with Facebook’s 1.15 billion mobile daily users, which lets people share ephemeral photos and videos that are displayed in a bar at the top of news feeds.

Instagram rolled out its own version of the stories feature in August, racking up 150 million daily users by January when it started dropping. Not only that, now you can advertise in these stories according to Instagram’s latest roadshow in Dubai.

Facebook latest stories also includes a new in-app camera feature called Camera Effects that’s similar to Snapchat lenses where users can apply filters and graphics to their selfies.

The social network is also working with brands to create custom “masks” that overlay photos. Film studios have been some of Snapchat’s biggest advertisers, and Facebook’s first batch of sponsored masks include multiple big studios. In its blog post, Facebook said Twentieth Century Fox film Alien: Covenant, the Universal Pictures film Despicable Me 3, the Marvel Entertainment film Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Lionsgate’s Power Rangers, Sony Pictures’ Smurfs: The Lost Village and Wonder Woman from Warner Bros. Pictures have created masks.

I honestly tried the filters and I think they’re awesome. Here are some shots!

Facebook’s post here.

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