Movie Review: Life ★★★✩✩

Life is a sci-fi horror in which the crew of a Space Station get attacked by an alien life form. If you think this premise sounds familiar, it’s because it does. We’ve all seen this movie before back when it was called Alien and directed by Ridley Scott. Having said all this, is Life a good movie? Well it’s not bad, but that’s it.

This movie was written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernic, the duo who brought us Deadpool and Zombieland. They make a good pair of writers and I’m glad to see they dipped their toes in another genre besides comedy. It’s proof you actually got talent when you go out of your comfort zone to create something. The script is really decent, with some good character development and some nice thrills.

Speaking of the characters, the movie is led by the Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds and Rebecca Ferguson trio. Each one of them brings out what they know best. Ryan Reynolds is for the most part the comedic relief (also good collaborator with the writers), Rebecca Ferguson does her best after stealing the show in the last Mission Impossible and Gyllenhaal is the perfect lead for this, playing the loner who would take space everyday over Earth.

Being a horror/thriller set inside a closed environment, of course you need an antagonist. And the life form who attacks the crew has a nice design to it, but it’s completely CGI and sometimes the effects don’t look all that good. I miss the days when they dressed a person in a suit and he would run around the set terrorizing the actors. It’s not that scary when you know the actors are staring at nothing the whole time.

Overall, the movie falls in a genre we’re already way too familiar with, and, even though it’s not bad, we did not really need this. It brings nothing new to the table, but if you want to see a nice homage to a classic like Alien, you should try this one. Just lower your expectations a bit. I give Life a 3 out of 5.

Watch it now at cinemas across the GCC. Best viewing experience for this was at VOX cinemas.

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