Why Super Mario Run is the future of mobile gaming


Reason 1: Nintendo is not only on Nintendo anymore

Keep in mind that last time Mario properly appeared on a non-Nintendo console was back in 1988 for Atari. SEGA did it too, but for a company like Nintendo to get out of its comfort zone and its own consoles, this is a big step. They’re understanding that these devices have better graphics, social integration and data systems than their own devices and they don’t want to tap into becoming a mobile-device maker. Smart move Nintendo.

Reason 2: Exclusivity with one software, make it flawless

Super Mario Run is only available for iPhone and iPad, but also because it’s a brand new game that’s been made for mobile and they want debugging to be at its best. Instead of making it work for 659756896 manufacturers and operating systems, lets do it the Nintendo way, only one brand, one operating system and specified models.

Reason 3: You can play online only

Super Mario Run won’t work without a data connection, but this even makes it better. Once you buy it, the data lives on the cloud and can be accessed from any other iOS device which makes it loadable everywhere and anywhere and seamless. Rather than take space from the smartphone memory.

Reason 4: You can play it with one hand only

Don’t you just hate it when you have to flip your phone 90 degrees to play and use 2 hands while doing so? This game is not simple yet not complicated, can be played with one hand and has a whole new way of using characters to play. You can free up your 2nd hand and yet, enjoy an awesome game.

Reason 5: Not long and boring or battery draining

You can probably finish the game in about two hours, and free players (who only get 3 stages) will likely buy the game if they like the stages. Actually, it took me five minutes to be convinced to pay and use it.

Reason 6: Pay one time only for a lifetime of SMR

It costs $10 for the whole game, that’s it. No hidden fees no nothing.

Reason 7: Social integration and perks

Connect your Facebook & Twitter and be able to add your friends, challenge them and have fun.

Reason 8: It is 2 games in one

Besides that, you can actually run your own Toad Rally, which essentially takes each of the game’s Worlds and transforms them into an endless runner where you race against friends or players with particularly sweet high scores. Whoever collects the most points at the end of the race wins more Toad fans to join their very own Mushroom Kingdom. Toads also unlock a load more collectables to deck out your personal Mushroom Kingdom with.

Reason 9: Yoshi is there too!

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