Radiohead does politics again


In a note posted on Radiohead’s website at 11:37 PM Wednesday night, front man Thom Yorke confirmed that the looming spectre of American fascism that’s trailed the Republican primaries is actually part of a cryptic and incredibly elaborate marketing campaign to promote the band’s new album.


“The monsters aren’t real,” Yorke wrote, referring to Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. “But they could be.”

Yorke claimed that the inspiration behind the promotional campaign came to him in a nightmare over a year ago.

“Deep in the bowels of my sleeping mind I saw an orange monster and a lizard man in a suit of human skin,” Yorke wrote. “The orange monster ate money and vomited hate. The lizard man insisted he was human, but I could see the green scales glistening beneath his pale skin.”

The shocking news, which arrived only days after the band released their menacing stop-motion video for the single Burn the Witch, came as a huge to relief to fans.

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