Why I write about my depression?


Some people might think: “oh yeah he’s depressed. Depressed to get as much attention as he can on social media.”



No. I don’t want people to think that. I want to send a message. To let other people know what’s the best choice to make. To prevent other people from being the same as myself.

Yes. I open up to social media because I want other people to know. People smile. But not all the smiles they see are honest. You can’t know a person by their smile. Or their words. Sometimes, words lie. You know a person if you look through their eyes.

They say “the eyes are the gateway to a persons soul”.

“We’re here. We’re broken. We feel lost. We feel alone. We’re real. Depression is real. Despair is real. Open your eyes people. Life is not a fairytale. The world can be cruel. Don’t even be like us. Depression is a deep scar that aches from time to time.” – Rumi

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